Kurenai's Secret Diary

Journal of the Once and Future Prom Queen

Yuuhi Kurenai
11 June
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When she went to KHS, Kurenai was the most popular girl in her class and she never quite recovered from it. To this day, she's happiest surrounded by other Popular Kids, be they faculty or students. To this end, she organizes an assortment of activities, everything from faculty holiday parties to the Future Homemakers' Club meetings. She also moonlights as a substitute sport coach, and has subbed for softball, basketball, soccer and field hockey coaches.

She has a long-standing rivalry with Asuma, who beat her to the coveted Home Ec position, which she'd been desperate to teach since she was 14. Instead she teaches math, which she's afraid makes her look like a nerd to all the other kids.

Kurenai likes to "hang out" with the popular students, when she can manage it. It's pretty embarrassing for everyone involved.


This journal is for entertainment use only as part of hs_no_jutsu. Everything in this journal is fiction and should be considered as such.

Kurenai is portrayed by Charisma Carpenter (in her Cordelia Chase incarnation).